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South Beach Missions is here to help you in establishing a Religious Non-Profit Humanitarian Organization (508) or a home church.

There are a variety of ways to form a church humanitarian organization. South Beach Missions believes that establishing churches as 508 Religious Non Profit Organizations is the best route for churches interested in protecting their freedoms. 508 churches have a few key benefits that 501c3 churches do not enjoy.

For a Church To Have True Freedom Of Speech In This Day and Age They Must Be a Tax Exempt 508 NPRO not a 501(c)(3) Which Are Not Exempt.   Get Started Today!

  • Serve god by creating a 508 religious non- profit humanitarian organization
  • A 508 NPRO is established by Oregon State and is tax exempt allowing churches to stretch donations further
  • A 508 NPRO is protected by the constitution of the United States and Oregon state law
  • A 508 NPRO offers more freedom of speech, your church should be able to spread the word of god without fear
  • A 508 NPRO is a vehicle that can be used to hold property and protect the property from liens, levies, seizures and confiscation from events arising as a result of your personal actions. This includes all property and/or assets, including homes.

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We help people form churches for the purpose of spreading the word of god. We do not condone tax avoidance in any way.

Being tax exempt as a 508 NPRO does free churches up to handle donations easier and make every penny go a lot further when it comes to the amount of good the church can do.

Start A Church, Start Giving Back, Start Today!


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“Churches and religious organizations may be legally organized in a variety of ways under state law, including as unincorporated associations, nonprofit corporations, corporations sole and charitable trusts.”

Willie F. Peterson