When you apply to South Beach Missions to become part of our association of churches you are asking to join our ministry  of churches.

The religious purpose of our ministry is to make it possible for churches in our ministry to better utilize the religious resources available to them under federal and state law.

We start the process by having you fix a specific name for your church.  Then we file an Oregon domestic religious corporation that obtains a 508 EIN extension from the IRS, specifically intended for your church and our association of churches, that the IRS mandates is exempt; excusing your use of resources to maintain official records, filing of official forms, and defending against investigations.

It is our ministry to maintain this religious object, that it is a vessel for your church as your registered agent, by contract. We believe this will more effectively help you spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

ORS 65.042 Religious corporations; constitutional protections. If religious doctrine or practice governing the affairs of a religious corporation is inconsistent with the provisions of this chapter on the same subject, the religious doctrine or practice shall control to the extent required by the Constitution of the United States or the Constitution of this state, or both.

Used in the filing process and for our records

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