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South Beach Missions
Preserving religious freedom & justice


South Beach Missions is here to empower you to establish your own home or community church.

We believe a Non-Profit Religious Corporation (NPRC) is the proper format for churches interested in preserving their sovereignty & freedom. For a church to have true freedom of speech in this day and age and society, for instance, it must be a 508 church, not a 501(c(3).

To preserve the separation of church and state, a 508 non-profit religious organization is the proper designation for a church or a fellowship or a mission or a ministry.

Whereas 501c3 'churches' are under the thumb of the IRS, 508 Non-Profit Religious Corporations are outside any authority other than God. See: Exception vs. Exemption

South Beach Missions is a registered agent able to facilitate formation of Oregon 508 NPRC organizations for anywhere on God's Good Earth. Going back nearly 20 years, we are the mother church for a multitude of churches, each of unique denominations with full autonomy, responsibility and control.

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A 508 Non-Profit Religious Corporation
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